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To purchase the products and services we offer under our MOBIS or Human Resources Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts, follow these simple steps.

         Determine the estimated price of the product/service being purchased. This information is important because it impacts the procedure you will use to place an order. The procedure differs slightly depending on whether the purchase price falls above or below the threshold for micro-purchases ($2,500), or falls above or below the maximum order threshold for the FSS being used.

         Define what is being purchased, a product or a service. Once again, this information impacts the procedure you will use to place an order. If you are ordering a product, you can generally make an "apples to apples" comparison of the prices offered by various schedule contractors using GSA Advantage!, the General Services Administration’s online purchasing system. However, if you are seeking services, you cannot obtain meaningful pricing without asking J & E and other potential contractors to respond to a statement of work.

         Determine whether the product/service addresses a one-time need or a recurring need. This is important because the FSS program allows you to set up blanket purchase orders with one or more FSS contractors to satisfy a recurring need. BPAs reduce administrative costs and eliminate the need for repetitive, individual purchases.

With this information in hand, simply follow the instructions in the table below to obtain the products/services you require.

To Order Products or Services that
Do Not Require a Statement of Work

To Order Services Requiring a
Statement of Work

Under $2,500 Micro-Purchase Threshold

Place order directly with
J & E for the item that best meets your needs.

Place order directly with
J & E for the item that best meets your needs.

Over $2,500 Micro-Purchase Threshold

  1. Review J & E’s products/services along with the products/services of at least two other contractors using GSA Advantage!, then make a best value determination, or review J & E’s published price lists and the price lists of at least two other schedule contractors.
  2. Select best value.

          Prepare a statement of work (SOW).

         Send RFQ and SOW to J & E and to at least two other schedule contractors.

         Evaluate bids and make best value determination.

Over Maximum Order Threshold

  1. Review additional price lists or use GSA Advantage! to obtain additional price information.
  2. Seek price reductions from contractors before making best value selection.

Same as above, but seek more than three quotations and seek price reductions.

For a short but thorough "how to" on using the Federal Supply Schedules to purchase goods and services, download our Federal Supply Schedule Toolkit   (4 pdf files)

1. Tools to Get Started

2. Services

3. Making the Purchase

4. Sample BPA